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Living with autism - from the perspective of the patient, parent and professional

On March 13, 2017 a symposium was held in Niš with the theme ’’Living with autism - from the perspective of patient, parent and professional’’ which concluded that early diagnosis, early intervention and inclusion in the educational system, even from preschool age, can greatly improve development and quality of life of children with autistic spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. The importance of early detection of signs and symptoms of autism, causes of and new approaches for treating autism spectrum disorders, inclusion of children with autism in pre-school and school education, and parent system support were the topics of this symposium. In addition to eminent national experts in this field, the meeting was attended by international experts Andy Shih, of the organization "Autism Speaks", Sarah Parsons, a professor at the University of Southampton in the UK, Maria Luisa Scatton of the Italian network for early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. "The better situation of children with autism and other developmental disorders and their families, the greater availability of services but also the change in mindset towards a more inclusive society are only possible with a strong political will, cooperation of the relevant system and financial allocations of the state," said Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF Representative in the Republic of Serbia. Only through joint efforts of ministries, professional associations and associations of people with autism the conditions can be improved so that children with disabilities are able to achieve their full potential. Participants of the symposium called for respect for the rights of every child, creating an inclusive society and the development and implementation of national guidelines for the early detection, diagnosis and early intervention in autism.

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