The Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions of Serbia DEAPS


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Article 10

Members of the Society can be all the professionals in the field of providing prevention and protection of mental health of children and adolescents: neuropsychiatrists and psychiatrists, doctors of other specialties, psychologists, special education therapists, social workers and other profiles of allied professions.

Membership is acquired by filling in the application form and verification by the Assembly after being nominated by the Executive Board. All members of the Society are registered by the Secretary General of the Association. The proof of membership is the membership card. The members pay = the annual fee, the amount of which is decided by the Board.

Article 11

Membership possibilities

The members of the Society can be:

Regular members who meet the requirements of Article 10 of this Statute;
Honorary members: reputable professionals who by their expertise and work promoted and facilitated spreading and development of ideas, practice and organization of mental health of children and adolescents in our country. Honorary members are chosen by the Assembly after being nominated by the Executive Board;
Guest members: foreign experts in the field of mental health of children and adolescents who wish to be the members of the Society.

Article 12

Rights and obligations of members:
All members of the Society have equal rights and obligations within their membership.
The rights of all the members are as follows:

  • to take part in organizational and professional activities of the Society
  • to be informed about the activities of the Society and activities of other organizations and associations
  • to give suggestions, observations and opinions about the work of the Society and its Assembly
  • regular members may be nominated for all the functions within Society
  • honorary members and guest members may take part in all activities of the Society but cannot assume executive functions in the Society
  • member of the Society may be a member of other domestic or international societies

Article 13

The obligations of the members are as follows:

  • members shell obey the Statute of the Society and other decisions and acts according to Statute
  • members shell pay annual membership fee (except honorary and guest members)
  • members shell withhold the ethical codex of behavior, and all the members on the executive functions shell preserve professional and conscientious behavior concerning the obligations within the function that he/she was chosen to perform
  • members shell avoid any kind of collision and conflict between their personal activities and interests and activities and interests of the Society

Article 14.

Termination of membership:

by death of the member;
by voluntary termination of the membership by the member himself/herself;
by excluding from the membership if:
the member violates the Statute of the Society, the member by his/her actions or behavior violates the reputation of the Society or acts against the interest and goals of the Society
by erasing (from the records) of members for not paying the annual fee more than 2 years
The final decision about cessation of the membership is brought by the Assembly.

You can appeal about exclusion from the membership, final decision rests with the Assembly.

Download the application for membership in Word format